Tread Lightly !
OHNZ is a proud and ardent supporter of Tread Lightly! and actively encourages all our clients to take on board the message of responsible use of the great outdoors.

Tread Lightly! is not about stopping you enjoying the tracks and trails of New Zealand, either for business or pleasure - what it does ask is that you consider whether your activities are compatible with the particular area you are in. For instance, wheel-spinng, digging holes, creating big ruts, driving across wetlands etc. may all be permissible in specific areas - but for the most part they are likely to be inappropriate behaviours - so check beforehand.

Tread Lightly! employs a simple acronym to help you remember its goals, and asks that you take it as a pledge:-

The Pledge

Travel only where permitted

Respect the environment and
the rights of others

Educate yourself, plan and
prepare before you go

Allow for the future use of the
outdoors, leave it as
you found it

Drive and travel responsibly,
discover the rewards of
responsible recreation

Brochures outlining Tread Lightly! in greater detail will be made available to all our clients, or you might want to contact them via e-mail at, or visit their web site at, both individual and corporate affiliations are welcome.