I've been driving 4WDs for years - what on earth do I need training for?

A common question, and quite rightly, anyone fulfilling their daily duties may feel outraged that they should be told to attend a training course. And for this very reason, the NZQA qualifications available to you recognise what are called "Current Competencies". That is, if you're currently performing a function, that skill should be recognised as a competency that you already posses, and you may well find out that you will receive an automatic credit for that particular function. But each person is different, so there is no one-answer-fits-all. But do contact us if you want to discuss your particular situation.

We're considering buying our first 4WD, but what should we look for?

Talk to 100 4WD drivers, and you'll get 100 different answers to this question. What we can do is help you understand what a 4WD is, how it works, the various differences & types out there, and how to marry these with your own personal requirements. Our introductory course would be ideal for you to attend before you go spending vast sums of money on something that may not fully meet your needs.

I only use my 4WD for recreational purposes, so why should I bother with an NZQA qualification?

Well, you might not want to. If you do, then of course we can help you. But even if you don't want the formal qualification, we can still train you to this level to give you the best possible preparation to handle whatever you might encounter in your recreational outings. After all, the recreational user is more likely than any to encounter unusual hazards and potentially dangerous situations. Being prepared with the skills and understanding to tackle these challenges is vital for you to enjoy safe recreational 4WD outings.

How can I find out what is involved in NZQA Unit Standards?

Simply follow the link www.nzqa.govt.nz/framework and enter the unit number in the dialogue box. Unit standards may be downloaded in Word or PDF format. When you have chosen the Unit that suits your needs, contact us for specific training and Assessment to get your qualification. For your benefit, these units are available here in PDF format:

Unit 20848: Demonstrate knowledge of and skills for driving a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle on-road

Unit 20620: Develop and execute a plan for a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle extraction

Unit 17976: Demonstrate knowledge of operating a 4wd vehicle.

Unit 17977: Demonstrate knowledge of planning requirements for extended off-road 4wd driving.

Unit 17978: Operate a light 4wd vehicle in an off-road environment.

(Click on any of the above links to download the unit standard in .pdf format, if you haven't got Adobe Reader, click here to download a free copy)